21st Century Dads Honor Ride

father and son - honor rideAbout Dads Honor Ride

Dads Honor Ride (DHR) is a cycling campaign to raise awareness and resources for fatherhood charities.

The purpose of the DHR is threefold:

  1. Honor fathering successes by highlighting the importance of dads in their children’s lives.
  2. To create awareness of the father absence crisis; the #1 socio-economic issue our nation faces and how it adversely affects our communities,
    families and most importantly our children.
  3. Raise needed funds for fatherhood organizations to support the ongoing efforts to combat fatherlessness.


The inaugural DHR took place from June 1-21, 2015. The ride started in Santa Monica, CA, loosely followed the iconic Route 66 and concluded in Chicago on Father’s Day. DHR15 was a bicycle ride – not a race – covering 2,300+ miles of terrain over 21 days. Riders stopped along the way to honor dads and to raise awareness for fatherhood organizations and programs.

The impact of Father absence

Father absence is one of the critical issues of our generation. Four out of 10 or an estimated 24m youth are growing up without their dads. Children from father absent homes are:

  • Run away from home
  • —Have behavioral disorders,
  • —Drop out of high school
  • —Abuse drugs and alcohol
  • —End up in a state operated institutions
  • —Become teen parents
  • —Commit crimes
  • —End up in prison
  • —Commit suicide

Organizations that are making a difference

Father absence knows no geographic, racial or socioeconomic boundaries. It’s prevalent in urban, suburban and rural communities and across all races (there are actually more white children growing up without dads than any other race).

The 21st Century Dads Honor Ride will benefit a host of non-profits organizations, including: